Improve your resilience to stress and burnout with music.

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What is Stay Composed?

Stress happens for a reason, and not all stress is bad. Stress can also provide us with the much-needed motivation to pursue our passions or handle our problems. If your stress however turns into a burnout, we have a problem. A burnout might be an undeniable sign that something important in your life needs addressing. You might think that a burnout is typical for the middle-aged overworked dad. But think again! Burnout and stress is for everyone at all ages! 



Preventing burnout and stress can be done at two levels: at a core, causational level, by solving what’s ‘wrong’ in your life, or at a mental level, by reframing your way of thinking or using coping and relaxation techniques. In this series we will not address the first part, but the second. A great relaxation technique is distraction by complete immersion in a certain activity. Great for this is making or listening music, dancing, yoga, cooking and other ‘creative’ hobbies and exercise.


Music can be an incredible tool for creating this downtime and relaxation moment but it can do so much more. In this series you are going to get some tools to use music in your own way to wind down. Every week we are going to learn a new and very simple technique that  you will benefit of the most if you’ll apply the techniques during your everyday life. And in really easy way, because all you need is Spotify (or any other streaming service or CDs) and some headphones or speakers. 


In the Stay Composed lesson series, you learn a variety of tools to use music in your everyday life to prevent stress and burnout.

Reduce your stress and burnout levels! Do it with music!

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